Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maya Turns 6

Today my baby turns 6. It is amazing how fast time goes by. I am very happy and very sad. I always wanted three kids and we have two (I cannot seem to convince hubby to have another) and I am getting older. Not only that but now everything is so easy as far as going out, going places and life in general. It's like you have all sorts of different things going on now. Maya has dance two times a week and Sam has things 2-3 times per week (week on, week off) and it gets very confusing.

But I digress, my baby is SIX! How outrageous is that? I remember the day I had her, I know what I did the night before, the day I took her home, ever
ything. You think you forget all those little details but they come back.

I only wish that my baby has lots of happiness, she will have sadness and I hope that I am there to help her through it.

I hope for her to make the right decisions and when she doesn't (because we all make wrong decisions) I hope she grows from them and if she needs me then, I'll be there too.

I hope she meets someone that loves and cares for her and when someone breaks her heart or hurts her, I'll be there (if she wants).

I will always be there to support her because I love her and she is my baby. I have so many hopes and dreams for her, but she is her own person. I will be there with her when she needs me, wants me and even when she doesn't want me around
because I am her mom and I love her.
Happy Birthday Maya


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