Saturday, April 16, 2011

I {heart} New Foods

I made Pastelitos this past weekend in a sort of tribute to my brother Mike who passed away.  He loved new and different foods and this was something new.  The Dominican and Island women I work with make these fantastic treats and I thought hey, let me give it a try.

I asked them how to do it.  They all had variations (Dominican, Cuban, Jamaican to name a few) but basically the same concept.  The meat is similar to taco meat.  Some use Guava and cream cheese or guava and cheddar cheese.  I chose taco meat and grilled chicken.

I ran out of taco seasoning and made my own.  Pretty good and even better for the family because it does not contain any preservatives.

I bought these for the dough/pastry.

I basically made my taco meat and I grilled my chicken with seasonings I like.  I then used about a Tablespoon or two of filling on each disk.  I folded them in half, sealed with some water and closed shut.  I then sealed them by pressing down with the fork.  I fried them until golden brown.  Then we ate them.

They were delicious!  Then a few days later the ladies at work told me other flavors I can make them in. The kids love them so I will be making them again this weekend.

My phone did not take good enough photos and emailing them made it worse.  This is what they should look like.  So next time I will do this meal justice.

Bon Appetit!


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  1. Oh - I betcha they will be on the menu on my vacation ~ I hope so ~ they look and sound delish.