Friday, April 22, 2011

I (heart) the Sunshine State

Agh it's been two years since we were last here but yesterday we came back to the Sunshine State, Florida. We are fortunate enough to have both grandparents down here, so it is a double visit. My mom and grandma flew down with me and the kids (my parents live three block away from us - lucky me right?). The flight was good except for my intense uneasiness during take off. It just freaks. Me. Out. My cousin, the shrink, says it is normal and lots of women are like that after having kids. I have been flying since I was three days old, why now am I crazy?

Anyway I am so happy to be away with the kids and be able to see my best friend, she lives about 5 minutes from my dad's place.

Maya is so excited she has already tried on all her clothes to pick the right outfit. I swear today I am running, getting back on track. The weather had been so icky last week I couldn't run but today is a good day for a new start and afterwards my mother in law set me up with a nice massage. Whoopee!

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