Thursday, June 10, 2010

Total Disappointment

Has someone mentioned to you a place and immediately you think of what you enjoy from that place?

Then thought about it all day?

How good it would be?

And then when you go to the place and order what you want it SUCKS?

Well today we had a professional development day
and that meant an hour lunch
and that meant being able to go out for.

Someone mentioned a diner.

Now in my neck of the woods, diners are everything and serve great Tuna Melts (to me at least).

It was terrible!!!!

So disappointing!

It was fishy and yucky and so disappointing!

I should have stuck to the Chicken/Avocado Club or BLT.

So I had the next best Diner thing, French Fries.

Sorry for the vent but I really wanted a good Tuna Melt - I guess I will have to make one myself over the weekend.


  1. I grew up in New York state and diners were everywhere, and they were great! Tuna Melts are a prerequisite for a diner if you ask me. Can't make a decent tuna melt, then not a diner.

  2. I have done that too Ziz and it is such a let down ~ that is like getting yourself all excited to order something that they are famous for and you get there and they are ALL OUT!!!! Not fair! You have me wanting a tuna melt now ~ so it may just be one of my week-end meals as I am flying solo.... Have a good one!

  3. I do hate it when that happens. Or I get hungry for one thing from one place and no one wants to go there. So you try to order something similiar and it just doesn't work. Ugh! Don't mess with my food people!