Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Lake Time

Look at those dads enjoying themselves

Okay, I know I am a week late but now I will post about Father's Day.

We had a lovely time up at the Lake, where my in-laws have a beautiful home.

Even though someone who shall remain nameless did some damage to the new boat and there was no waterskiing to be had, there was a great time had by all.

Everyone got in on the action.

Grandpa getting in on the action with the kiddies

Look at the talent of my niece

There he goes, right in!

So funny, I decided to relax myself on the new tube, raft, water trampoline (see we can all improvise when needed). I knew that at some point I too would end up in the lake.

I removed my sunglasses, flip flops and watch - sure enough my darling husband decided to FLIP the raft over with me and whoever else was on there with me at the time. And you know what? My boy was in on it! He threw his momma in the LAKE! I will get him!

In any case, we had an amazing day and lots of fun!


  1. Looks like a great time! It's always fun to be able to spend time with family.


  2. What a fantastic time and love seeing the photo's Ziz ~ you guys always have so much fun at the lake!

  3. I am so envious of that lake house! that being said, if we had it, I would NEVER leave it!!!
    happy fourth my friend!