Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stuck in a Rut

I am dying to be creative.
However, I am stuck
in a rut.

I have ideas in my head
and then won't come out.

Is it my motivation?
Is it laziness?
Not laziness to do the project
but to clean up the stuff that goes with it?

I have a spare room that is used as a playroom
computer room
catch all room.

Maybe, I need to claim some of that as my space?
The kids don't play there,
well with the Wii they do.

I think it's time for a major clean out.
Thursday is Bulk pick up day this week.
You can leave ANYTHING on your curb
and the town will pick it up 3rd Thursday of the month.

My parents cleaned out their basement
asked me to get my stuff out.
That means breaking down Maya's crib.

I need to shake it up a bit.
Clean up, Clean out.

I think I will make a
guest room/crafting room.
The kids can play in the basement
that's not finished
for now.

But not today, I have camp.
Time to set up my space.


  1. I find if you have a space to call your own ~ inspiration will come. With that being said ~ I could not get into the groove until lately. I have banged off more things on my to do list the past 6 weeks than I have the last 6 months! I do believe I needed a little sunshine to prompt me along which is hilarious because the last place you want to be in beautiful weather is the basement completing a project. Oh well ~ it's amazing how my brain works sometimes!

  2. take a day trip to one of your favorite places that inspires you... (better yet, a weekend) we all need to recharge at times... come back and edit the space... you will feel more calm and refreshed... xx pam

  3. That sounds like a fabulous project.....get out and do some window shopping, flip thru magazines get the creative juices's important to have a small space to call your own! Good Luck! xxoo :)