Sunday, November 6, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I am sure you have heard about that crazy storm in the Northeast last week.

Yeah, it got me.

I was home about 20 minutes from my class and I heard a big pop and the power went OUT.

I called my mom (who lives around the corner, 3 blocks over), she had power so me and the kids went there.

Just an hour or so after we lost power

 The storm was absolutely INSANE.

A little later I saw that we would be there overnight, I went back home to collect some essentials and unload my Fridge/Freezer.

My parent's street looked like a war zone obstacle course.

School was closed for 2 whole days.  Halloween was crazy too with all the trees down.  But the kids got out there early so we could see tree branches, electric lines and whatever else may be out there.

I was without power for 7 days.  Yes, 7 days.  We went back everyday to check on things, get things we needed and feed the cat.

This was the freakiest thing ever to happen.  The trees had all their leaves and when the snow built up on them the tree limbs snapped.  Broken trees all over our town.  I live on a beautiful tree lined street as do my parents.  The big old trees on my street lost limbs but on my mom's street the smaller trees were split in half.

Just one of the houses on the block
I have a beautiful Japanese Maple on my front lawn.  I so did not want to lose the tree.  I stood out in the snow knocking the snow off it's limbs so they wouldn't snap.  When I would knock the snow off, I would see the limbs bounce back up.  I am happy to say we didn't lose it.  Only one branch fell on our whole property.  We were very lucky there.
My Japanese Maple

I am happy to finally be back home in my own bed.  We thank my mom and dad but, "there's no place like home."

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  1. It was the craziest freak storm ever Ziz ~ so glad that you were able to pack up and be somewhere with power. I agree ~ there is no place like home!