Sunday, October 9, 2011

New {Favorite} Product

OK, many of my friends have cleaning ladies who come once a week, once every two weeks and at times even I have had a cleaning lady.  BUT to be budget conscious I have stopped having a cleaning lady.  I do it and a small part of me likes it better when I clean because I know it is done my way.

I live in an old house and it seems that it gets dusty quickly.  My pet peeves are bathrooms and the kitchen. Last week I found this unbelievable product that I love.  I am not into the latest thing just because I need to try stuff for myself.
Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaning Gel

Just hold the wand and slide the button down for gel to apply

The gel stays there even after flushing

Just apply the gel and it stays there for about a week, depending on how often you flush the toilet.  It is so cool and makes my bathroom smell so nice each and every time it is flushed.

I love the way the house smells after it is cleaned.  I like fresh scents and orange scents in the home.

Have you found any great new products that are helpful?


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