Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Perspective

2010 was a year of many trials, tribulations and yes, even happiness.

It was the year I was not working, which was heartbreaking for me but in the end a good rest of sorts.

A year that I got the most amazing job that has the potential for me to have my dream job and get me where I would like to be in life.

The year that I let go and really let my children be who they want to be and not care what everyone thinks - they are children and let them have their style.  It's only clothes, bracelets and hair for pete's sake.

The year I really explored my creativity and was not afraid to use it.

The year I made some life decisions and hopefully I can follow through with them.

Taught and gave examples to my children on how to help others less fortunate than we are.

Went through a week's vacation without fighting with my mom!  (That's a biggie)

Made some really awesome friends, ones I really would like to keep and build great friendships with.

Connected more with my temple and the community surrounding it.

The year hubby got a really great job and is finally happy with himself and looking forward to being with this new company.

Watched my daughter, completely on her own, donate her hair for "sick children" who don't have hair (her words).

Got a new camera

Hosted a joint family event that went really well (I do love having everyone around)

There are others I am sure but I do know that these here did come to mind first.  I feel like I did different sorts of growing this year and for that I am grateful.

I see from some of my blogging friends that it is okay to get away for a while with your girlfriends and I intend on doing that.  So, in the new year I plan to get away with my friends a little bit.  Starting next month.  This year is my big 4-0 and my philosophy is birthday week, month, etc.  Lots of friends are turning 40 so it should be a great year!  I am very excited.

I also made a bucket list.  It only has one thing on it but it is a start.  I want to live abroad for some time in my life.  I need to figure that one out.

I want everyone to have a wonderful, happy, safe and festive New Year!


  1. You are an inspiration my friend, I know just how hard you work for you and your family, you do good things.

    I am making a bucket list too :) NYC is on my list for this year - maybe in the autumn and you know if I come over, I want to see YOU!!!

    I hope that 2011 is an easier year for you in lots of way....and a start of even more new opportunities and experiences for you.

    Much love xxxx

  2. What a year you've had. Lots of changes and events have happened. I wish you all the best for the new year, one filled with much love and happiness!


  3. I have been thinking of a bucket list myself ~ we will have to compare notes! I know this year has been a challenge for you Ziz and I am so glad that you made it out the other side. Hugs to you dear friend. xo

  4. What a year!
    I haven't done a bucket list yet.... should get onto that :)
    All the best for 2011! May you have a wonderful year filled with lots of crafting, cooking and making happy memories with your family.
    Love Nikki xx