Sunday, February 19, 2012

slow cooker saturdays

This was my first Saturday off in a while other than the winter break and I just wanted to stay home and do nothing.

I have been without an oven for some time now and I wanted to make use of my slow cooker.  I have great memories of my bubby just throwing everything she could into the Crock Pot (slow cooker) and it coming out great.  We always used to joke about it, so you know when it came time to register back in the day when we got engaged, the first item on there was a slow cooker.  I make stuff from time to time and lately have seen blogs that feature 365 days of slow cooking, slow cooker recipes and such.  I decided yesterday to try a recipe for Slow Cooker Orange Chicken from Sixsisters .  I had found other recipes and they all resembled each other but I liked their site so I went with it.

Now my kids are super picky, well, my son is and he liked it.  I serve it over white rice and it was a hit with both of them.  I am very happy and look forward to using it more.  I will also visit their site some more as the have a lot of cool stuff over there.


I have to be honest that my battery was dead on the camera and I didn't take a picture but this picture looks just like my chicken.

In any case, as I decided that since I am not home on Saturdays that would be a perfect day to slow cook because then it will be ready when I get home.  So that's it, Slow Cooker Saturdays it is.

Right now I am cooking Brownies is the slow cooker, let's see how that comes out.


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  1. The chicken looks yummy ~ please let me know how the brownies turn out! Nice to see you back. xo