Friday, August 19, 2011

A {new} love

I personally love to have a cup of coffee in the am.  I am not one of those people who feels it gets me through the day and if I have a cup at night I have never felt the ill effects of it and then be up all night.

However, many years ago, when I first got my drivers license and my parents got a brand new car (allowing me to get a car - not a new one but a 1976 Ford Grenada - Hey it was a pair of wheels) my friends and I would meet up for breakfast before school at Bob's Big Boy.

There we would have coffee.  Coffee with Sugar.  Oh boy, my friend Forest, well she loved her coffee with lots of sugar and well, I followed suit.  One day in particular was very bad.  Lots of coffee, lots of sugar and then a trip to 7-11 for some Jolt.  Do you remember Jolt?  I sure do.  That day I could not sit still.  I was jittery, jumpy and even worse, wanting MORE.  I think Forest and I would have killed Jeremy for some more Jolt.  In the end we did not get more, we did not kill Jeremy and we fell asleep early after crashing down hard.

The next day, not so much coffee and sugar.

Since then I enjoy my coffee.  Some days I drink a lot, some not so much.  So, I make a pot based on what I will be drinking and hubby does not drink coffee if it's been there too long.  So my pots in the am are not shared as I get up with the roosters and my pot is made too early.  He has been making his pot and at the end of the day I find that I am throwing full pots of coffee and always running out of coffee since we are making so much.

I made a suggestion, "Let's buy a Keurig."  A few years ago he told me, "Heck NO!"  I explained my rationale this time and he agreed (thankfully we were going to the lake where his parents have one and we have enjoyed using one for about a year now).  He was trying to figure out cost per cup (the food manager in him that is) and I did some research as well.  He agreed.

Yesterday I went and got my machine and as I type I am enjoying my first cup.  Pure Heaven.  One cup, no waste and all is well.

Oh and today I take my coffee with 2 splenda and half and half.

What do you like to drink in the morning?



  1. hey girl-'bout time ya got on board...still loving mine after 2+ years!!

  2. I have been thinking about getting one ~ maybe I will give it to the in-laws for a gift idea... I drink coffee in the morning ~ just milk ~ no sugar as I am already sweet enough!